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About Sarah Snyder-Dinsel


I am an illustrator at heart.  Even as a child I wanted desperately to draw things exactly as they were. It has been my greatest artistic challenge to translate my illustrations into a higher form of art. I still want the detail, but now I strive to take my painting to another level.


My current paintings have a surreal edge to them.  Although they are rendered in a very illustrative manner, I purposely place them in a setting suggesting limitless space.  This spatial illusion lends a playful quality to otherwise mundane subject matter. 

​I am able to stay closer to my illustrative nature in my pet portraits. Painting animals is my greatest artistic passion.  I always aim to capture the spirit of the animal I paint. I consider it a gift to have the opportunity to immortalize a beloved pet.


I also cling to my illustrative nature in my hand-painted objects/furniture.  Each one of these pieces have tightly rendered detail with an old world feel that is achieved through multiple layers of varnishes and antiquing.


I gratuated from University of Delaware with a BFA in illustration in the mid 1990s.  I  currently paint commissioned paintings and furniture in my home studio in Chester County, PA.


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